Dr. Bob Spalding is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine with a degree from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine. The Area Podiatry Centers were started in 1998 by Dr. Spalding. Dr. Spalding also manufactures many foot care product lines. The Area Podiatry Centers currently operate at four locations and provides general foot surgery and podiatric medical problems such as heel pain, nail fungus, and painful corns with an intense specialty in injuries from nail salons to include artificial nails, foot infections, dermatitis, nail fungus, and allergic reactions.

I have been trying to change the US national nail salon market for nearly 10 years and find that most of the nail related injuries are preventable. Some injuries are directly related to poor product design. Most are due to poor disinfection habits, poor and absent training, or incorrect artificial nail application and removal technique. I have written extensively, been interviewed on radio and TV multiple times, have published news articles and lectured on this subject for many years.

I am starting the first US survey, www.Nailsaloninfectionsurvey.com to find out to finally find out how many injuries are caused by nail salons and beauty shops per year so that physicians can work with the industry to correct this problem. This will be released to the nail industry to hopefully make changes. My new book, Death By Pedicure provides this infection estimate for manicures and pedicures. It is a significant number.

I have been advocating that all state boards of cosmetology switch to sterilization. I recommend this due to the simple fact that not all nail techs take the proper time to "sanitize and disinfect" their instruments. Clients receiving these services cannot determine if proper disinfection has been accomplished before they are served. Currently no states except Texas require sterilization of nail instruments.

"Sanitation” is less effective than the autoclave/sterilization services the public expects from any doctor or hospital. You have a right to peace of mind and demand this from your State Board of Cosmetology to change your state’s regulations. Make sure you involve your podiatrist or physician if you have a nail infection as soon as possible.

The nail salons and beauty shops have been the brunt of a major image problem with the recent death in Texas from a pedicure. All state boards should additionally institute state by state continuing education credits to improve nail salon safety. Not all states require this and some states are reducing the ability of cosmetology board to enforce existing regulations.
I also have advocated the additional yearly state mandated continuing education credit training of nail techs to improve their understanding of medical problems and explain how they should refer their patients appropriately to podiatrists (see link), dermatologists and other health professionals before an accidental problem get much worse.

I do not recommend nail techs ever use callous cutters also called Credo® blades. I can provide a list of all states that do not allow callous cutters in my new book, Death By Pedicure. If you have been injured or have an infection or have questions about nail salons, manicures, pedicures, or pedicure chairs I would like to offer my medical advice by phone for a minimal fee. I can do a telephone medical consultations during or after hours by calling 423-756 FOOT (3668).

My new book, DEATH BY PEDICURE, is the first book of its kind for the general public, physicians and nail techs who are interested in the world of nail salon accidents in detail. The book explains how you can protect yourself from injury or infection in a nail salon. The book also suggests how nail techs can improve the nail salon industry. My book now comes with an online certification course at www.DrSpalding.com.

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